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30 Truths

The goal of 30 Truths is to allow people across the globe to see they are not alone in their concerns, issues, wants, needs, desires, hopes, and dreams. The same basic human emotions exist regardless of sex, race, orientation, social standing or career path.

30 Truths intends to allow anyone’s story be told – not just people who are rich and famous. Through an interactive interview process, people will have the opportunity to anonymously talk about themselves and put voice to anything they have ever wanted to say.

With the changes to the world, this project is currently on hold . I hope everyone gets a voice and it isnt needed. That would make me happy.

Sticky Doodles

Sticky Doodles in my blog / vlog / art(ish) collection. It is the A.D.D. outlet of my brain. It contains doodles from work during meetings, random thoughts, self discovery and other A.D.D. Post-it Notes (literally and figuratively). Its kind of entertaining, and who knows. it might helps someone else explain/understand things they are going through or give them a respite.

But let’s be honest, it is my therapy. It is pointless – as most blogs are.

Hebras Trenzadas

Hebras Trenzadas is my tribe; my family. They are a collection of various individuals who love me and bring value to each others lives. They are lovers, friends, partners and shining examples of good people. Oh. The entire site is in Espanol.